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Selling trust and protection is the best thing you can give
your travelers. We invite you to this alliance, where everyone has
benefits. Join us to bring pax to each destination.

What does pax offer?

Pax's team is the most experienced in the market, we know world travelers and the difficulties that can occur on a trip, like no other company. We are the only ones that offer emotional support not only to our travelers but also to their relatives, something novel and unique. Our worldwide network of providers is ready to serve you under any circumstance.

How can I sell pax?

It"s so easy! Send us an email to and we will register you to be our reseller.
Our issuance system is very friendly.
It will be very easy to sell pax to your clients!

Why choose pax?

We are the most affordable in the market and we value our distributors like no other company. Join the benefits of being a pax seller!

Become a travel buddy with pax

Together we will provide an excellent service.

What benefits does pax
offer to its provider network?

In pax we know the importance of our suppliers around the world, which is why it is a priority for us to have an excellent relationship with them.

How do I
to become a provider?

Simply contact us at and we will get back to you immediately.

What values does pax
have in its services?

We know that our travelers are in a situation of vulnerability when they are away from home, that"s why our help must be fast, with a human touch and very empathetic.

Join the family that brings companionship to the world!

If you are passionate about the world of travel and want to create unique moments for
travelers by giving them support and/or help, transforming a trip
with problems into a trip with pax,
we are waiting for you.

Why should you apply to Pax?

Being part of pax is to help every traveler get beautiful and unforgettable memories of their travels. In pax we love to help!

What does pax offer for my career?

You will find a space where you will be able to grow in an environment in which we continually seek evolution and innovation to generate extraordinary experiences  for our travelers and for our teams!"


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Why do you want to be part of pax?

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